Affiliate Mentorship Program

Longing to start a photography business & don’t know where to begin?

Having a challenge landing paid clients?

Possess some skills and desire to acquire more?

How dose it work?

We set you up on our platform, you choose your locations & hours

Photo shoots book for you seamlessly

Get paid from profit sharing

Only one photographer per 1.5 hour distance

What do you get?

Step by step training program

Critique session of your work

Weekly group mentor zoom call

What is required of you?

Professional equipment

Photography skills


Business license & general liability insurance

Why work with us?

Learn photography & business skills while you earn

Choose your own schedule

We’ve acquired over 300 reviews with a 4.8 star rating¬†

We will guide you to gain positive reviews on google

Want to chat more?

We have photographers in these areas:

Seattle, Salt Lake City, Hawaii, NY~NY, LA, PA, & Houston

 If your not in one of these areas