Since I can’t add photos to the instructions on Airbnb,

I’m adding them here.   Please read entirely 🙂

I’ll send you the code for the front door through airbnb imbox.

 The building will have 4626 on it, you can park on the street.

A few house keeping rules;  

  1. Please lock front door as you come and go and use only the front door when coming and going as I need to keep the back door locked when no one is here and /or everyone is sleeping. Please only transport luggage through the front door.  Thank you!
  2. In case it was missed in the airbnb description because I’m allergic to pets we cannot have any here including certified service pets (sorry about that).  And we can’t have any smoking or vaping as I had to sign papers when I moved here that wouldn’t be happening. 
  3. And lastly please don’t be asking anyone where the airbnb is or that your looking for the airbnb as I’d like to keep this under the radar so it doesn’t create any problems. If you have any problems please contact me at 206.356.8695.  And if anyone asks ~ your a friend visiting.

Thank you for your understanding.  

Place looks like from the street

You'll walk down this pathway

You'll take the first door on your right

Walk through to the next door & it's the first door on the right

Hit keypad, two numbers will pop up ~ hit numbers & then the key code

If your in the Bunk Bed room you’ll head straight to your right and if your in the Master bedroom you’ll head to the left.   Enjoy your visit & thank you for booking with us!