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Hello, my friend! My name is Anastasia. I have been passionate about photography since childhood, and I started my creative journey back in school with a small digital camera, capturing moments of my friends’ lives. At first, it was just a hobby, until many years later, my husband inspired me to seriously develop in this area. It was his encouragement and confidence in my abilities that pushed me to try myself in professional photography.

My journey began in Moscow, where I was born. I photographed events, helped create portfolios for aspiring models, and took pictures of children. My favorite genre became portrait, where I strive to capture the special, captivating gaze of the model. Currently, I am actively developing in New York in the direction of art photography, because I want to create magical stories through my shots.

Combining my passion for photography with professional development, I am constantly improving my skills, striving to create unique and inspiring works. So, I look forward to meeting you and capturing your unique inner world.